UTMT Media Recommendations

Written by Alex Wampler

For those of us who have been tucked away at home during these last few months, keeping busy has been a difficult task – especially when we don’t have mock trial! While keeping others safe by staying indoors or six feet apart is crucial, the struggle to stay entertained has reached us all. 

However, this experience has also given us the opportunity to discover new media and expand our horizons. With all this free time, many of us have explored outside of our comfort zones and found new pieces of entertainment to keep us occupied while we wait for the world to return to us. 

Our friends here at UTMT are no different! While most of us are accustomed to working on directs and crosses in our free time, our abridged season has left us with more time than we know what to do with. 

So what have our Vols been up to this quarantine? We asked our members to share with us a star media recommendation from their isolation. Here’s what we found! 

In an organization dedicated to litigation, it is entirely unsurprising that many of our members recommended crime-related media. More than once, the popular Crime Junkie Podcast was recommended. Crime Junkie Podcast, hosted by Ashley Flowers, tells the story of a new crime every Monday, and is a perfect small-dose fix for those of us in withdrawal from Midlands v. Jordan Ryder. 

More crime-related mentions include The Confession Tapes, Trial by Media, and The Innocence Files. All of these recommendations are docuseries collections and can be found on Netflix – ideal for nights when you want to relax on the couch and spend a few minutes in the world of investigation. 

As the responses strayed from true crime, there was still a pattern in the fiction our members recommended, too. It seems like fictional crime and legal drama is just as interesting as true crime. The famously popular House of Cards popped up in our list, along with How to Get Away with Murder, which recently released new episodes on Netflix. 

But all of this isn’t to say that our members stick to only one genre! One recommendation was the legendary Avatar: The Last Airbender. With the recent release of A:TLA on Netflix, this television show has expectedly exploded in popularity. It serves as an escape from our daily struggles while still providing a unique commentary on a battle against tyranny. 

Other recommendations included Friends, Sherlock BBC, Good Girls, Breaking Bad, the Witcher, and more. 

These past few months, UTMT has been missing mock trial severely with our season cut short.  Finding new media to consume and recommend doesn’t quite make up for missing out on ORCs, but it helps us stay busy and healthy. 

We hope that some of these UTMT quarantine recommendations help with the boredom and monotony – and we appreciate the steps being taken to stay at home and keep others safe while our healthcare professionals do their best to reduce the spread and fatality rate of COVID-19. Until then, try some of these recs, and let us know what you think! We could even use some recommendations ourselves!

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