A Seat at the Table: Mission and Vision

You probably already know this by now but if you didn’t, Tennessee Mock Trial is an organization based on fake litigation. We willfully scrutinize over details that make no matter in the “real world” and we consider doing this to be one of the best parts of our lives.

Sounds crazy, I know.

Tennessee Mock Trial doesn’t just compete, we win. We are an award-winning organization marked by personal growth, friendships, academic success, and of course, some hardware for the trophy case.

The pursuit of first place is never in vain because we get there a lot. However, the true pursuit is of helping each of our members become the best versions of themselves.

Our Mission: To educate and empower students to be confident and knowledgeable in the process of litigation.

Our Vision: To be an organization that serves to provide an empowered future for its members.

We accomplish our mission by hosting lecture style practices, meeting bi-weekly, spending hours outside of practice together, and always fostering a positive environment. We proudly host students of all academic majors with a variety of occupational aspirations. Tennessee Mock Trial is a vessel to get students from one level of success and confidence to another.

We work towards our vision by setting up measures that will allow future students and members of the organization to succeed. Members of our executive board keep files of what they’ve done in their position and how to succeed in that position. During this past year, our executive board and captains have been more accessible and involved than ever. We are increasing our presence on campus and making a lasting impact in not only our own lives but also reaching out to other organizations.

Tennessee Mock Trial is currently home to 27 undergraduate students, competitors, friends, and leaders. Each member of a team carries weight on scoring ballots and in the harmonious relationships we have with one another.

Any member, past or present, will happily tell you that mock trial has helped them grow further into their full potential. They will tell you that this is where they feel at home, where they feel supported, and probably that this is where they met their best friend.

Tennessee Mock Trial is family and there is always a seat at the table.

Send us an email to get involved: utmocktrial@gmail.com

Welcome Home.


Kennedy Elaine Sanders

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